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LEM10 4G Smart Watch 3+32G Android GPS Positioning Mobile Adult Phone Watch

LEM10 4G Smart Watch 3+32G Android GPS Positioning Mobile Adult Phone Watch Item NO: AE83

US$ 169.00
black Silver gray orange

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  • Item No. CWAT 2100H
  • Listing time 2019 Applicable Platform Fully compatible Source Category Spot
  • Suitable for business, adult, elderly, fashionable, popular screen size 1.39 inch USB 2.0 interface
  • Camera 2 Megapixels Fuselage Memory 1G+16G/3+32G Screen Material IPS
  • Wearing Mode, Wristbelt Compatible System, Full Compatible Communication Function Support
  • Menu Language Multilingual Wireless Distance 5 m or less Battery Capacity 700 mA
  • Operating mode: Touch + Key Screen Resolution 360*320 Wristbelt Material Silica Gel
  • Product weight 300 (g)
  • Packaging List 1 * Smart Watch; 1 * Charging Seat; 1 * Data Line; 1 * Instructions Version Type * European Strap Style * Classic Button Style
  • Compatible platform iOS strap size M/L (suitable for 150-200 mm wrist circumference) function
  • Color classification: black, silver gray, orange, black (1 + 16G), silver (1 + 16G), orange (1 + 16G), double color, double color (1 + 16GG)
Product Name LEM10 4G Smart Watch 3+32G Android GPS Positioning Mobile Adult Phone Watch
Item NO AE83
Weight 0.5 kg = 1.1023 lb = 17.6370 oz
Category Consumer Electronics > Smart Electronics > Smart Watches
Creation time 2019-09-28


S Hache

I received this watch over a week ago and I really like it. I previously had the 1st generation ticwatch e and it's way better. It's got better battery life I've gone 24 hours and used up 50% of the battery so I could easily do 36 hours or more without worrying about it, but that would be on mild use of the watch like getting notifications. Using it for sports I would recommend having a good charge because it does drain the battery faster with the GPS and heart rate monitor. I've installed music on the watch directly using the Google play music app so I don't have to bring my phone if I go to the gym you can pair a Bluetooth headset to it no problem. The look of the ticwatch e2 is much nicer than the previous version, but it's a little bigger. It runs pretty smoothly compared to the last version as well. I haven't gone swimming with it, but I have showered with it on and no issues with that either. Overall I'm content with the ticwatch e2. My biggest concern was the battery life with the ticwatch e and they fixed that problem. For me this watch is does what I need it to. Receiving notifications, I use as an alarm to wake me (the vibrations are pretty strong) I've got some music for workouts and I also like checking fitness stats.


Jason Dickey

When I received my s2 the charger was DOA. Submitted warranty ticket through mobvoi and received a replacement charger within a couple days that works.

After using the watch everyday I was surprised with the battery life I was getting as some reviews said the batter barely lasted a day. I can take my watch off the charger at around 7:00 am everyday and when I go to bed around midnight the battery is showing just below 50%. This is with my watch screen always on, but I do have the brightness at the lowest setting, and I have 24 hr heart rate monitor turned on as well.

I am quite happy with it so far and for the way I use it, it was a good choice for a decently priced wear os watch.



Great watch for the money and overall. Works as a charm and use all possible futures of WearOS. With always on screen and heavy usage battery stays about ne day and almost two with light usage. I like it simple design and good protection against shocks and water ( I'm swimming with a taking showers ). there is no mic, but I don't really need it anyway.



First one was dead on arrival. I returned it and ordered another (hopefully my refund comes quickly!) and the second one works great. I have T1D and am using it to show my blood sugar. Works great!



Watch is very good but I do not get call Notification for my iPhone



Very good



The first smart watch i ever got was the TicWatch E. After doing some research, I've decided to give the first generation a try and it ended up meeting and passing all my expectations. The price was right and the watch felt light and useful for notifications.

I did notice that battery life after a few months would last me till the end of the day, which was good but i was hoping for more.

Which is why i decided to upgrade to the E2.
I knew the company was delivering solid products, so i gave it a shot.

Here's what i liked:
- Unboxing was straight forward and simple
- Setup is easy and quick and pairs nicely with my Samsung S7
- The watch feels more premium on the wrist
- Battery life is vastly improved, as i don't have to charge my watch every day.
- Tilt to wake is more accurate
- Notifications seems to come on time with good vibration.

Things to watch out for:
- The bands for TicWatch E are 20mm while the E2 are 22mm, so i couldn't reuse the old bands, but luckily it came with a brand new set and i'll be shopping for different ones as well.

Overall, I'm very impressed with this company and their products, definitely a happy customer!


Ryan Frisk

Great interface. Kept disconnecting and had to be reset to reconnect to the android phone


Joann M.

I bought as a gift. My son was dlightd



Given as a gift. Perfect.


Abhayraj Jain

Works well. Very rugged as claimed, Wear OS is much smoother than the 1st Gen To watch as well. I had an issue with the charger not working and Mobvoi made sure I had a new one within 2 days of reporting the issue.



My first tickwatch. I love everything about this watch. I love the design and the amazing useful feature of this watch. I might upgrade to tickwatch ES soon.


Frédéric Lord

Great watch for the price! Highly customizable through Wear OS. Exactly what I was looking for! Fast shipping. Thanks!



Brought for my husband and he loves it.
Easy to set up and use - which is handy as he is not too techy!
Very smart smartphone!



Brought for my husband and he loves it.
Easy to set up and use - which is handy as he is not too techy!
Very smart smartphone!


Rupender Singh

A great watch at a great price. The Ticwatch e2 is a good watch for anyone wanting a good looking and easy to use watch. With the power of Wear os and the Snapdragon 2100 processor this watch is able to do many tasks. With Wear os you get a very easy to use software that is feature rich with many apps available. One of the best parts of this watch is the incredible battery life. It would easily last a whole day with wifi on. When most features are turned off you could get 2-3 days of battery life. It’s much better than any other wear os watch. The screen is very nice and gets bright enough to be visible outside. The watch also auto tracks activity’s but I have found that sometimes it will think I am cycling when I am actually running. The only thing I would want to see added in the Ticwatch E3 would be a thinner design. Overall this is a great watch for anyone who wants a easy to use but feature rich smartwatch.



Good product



Good product


Gabriel Aboyeji

Very useful watch with great featured. Warranty was helpful and customer service was efficient when I had an issue with my watch to get it fixed. Great product all around.



Its cool ,

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